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Bailey Welch
Live Blogging: March 26, 2014
A Very Careful Strike

  • Neoliberalism – political-economic philosophy that advocates:
    • o Privatizing public resources/debt
    • Historically determined social stratifications
      • o Bipolarity
        • § Positive – Virgin Mary, virtuous
        • § Negative – Eve, sexual, “whore”
  • o Feminine Mystic
  • o Hawaii let police have sex with prostitutes in order to arrest them if they’ll really have sex but was recently reviewed
    • § Feminine mystique – the whole would be the negative reflection in which the good woman.
  • o Duke student got involved in the porn industry to pay for tuition
    • § Thoughts on this story:
  1. 1. A lugubrious feminist narrative about an enterprising “sex worker” who’s being victimized by judgmental, patriarchal males who simultaneously condemn her and lap up her filmed product, or
  2. 2. An equally lugubrious narrative
  • Communicative continuum sex-attention-care
    • o Relationship – under the stratification and everyday practices
    • o Characteristics of crisis of care
      • § The concrete labor done by women – changing because now there are surrogates, women selling their eggs, existence of new marriages (mail-order brides, gay, etc), lack of social services, especially children and older adults aren’t being cared for as well
      • § Externalization of the home – things previously done in the home can be done outside: fast food, buying clothes rather than sewing them, etc.
      • § Non-remunerated care
      • § No sense of community because of the changing role of the family – maybe not know neighbors, isolating, alienating
      • Care (Ecological Logic) – Securitary Logic
        • o Precarization – instability and fear; traverses all of society
        • o Who needs care?
          • § Poor victims
          • § Those dangerous for the rest of “normalized” society
  • o NGOs – the state security and disciplinary institutions
    • § Sometimes help, but require much in return
  • o Feminist Proposal
    • § Care is less personal, more professional – you don’t care for people because you love them, but because they require care and you can provide it for them.