Script of American Psycho

Interviews with Mary Harron
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Academic articles:
Example of Literary Analysis
Meaning/Meaningless Violence
Serial Killer?
Finance, Masculinity, the '80s
Violence, Separation

Laura Rickrich - Live Blog 4.18.14

Unit 1 – Space
- Measureable + environmental image

Unit 2 – Time
- Can personally relate
- Always scheduling/planning

Unit 3 – Tension between social relations and social debt + measurability
- World of quantification

Cosmopolis, American Psycho, & Feminist articles
  1. Inclusion – what would it mean to include women in the world of Eric or Patrick?
  2. How are women treated by people in those situations
    1. a. Federici – Women = objects, taken for granted, invisible, etc. At what rate should women’s work be valued compared to men’s work?

*Do women have a place in Cosmopolis and American Psycho? And what would it mean for them to be included?

Limitations to women’s ability to succeed at the highest elevation:
- Social/gender roles
- There are roles, but they are invisible, absent or taken for granted
- Sexual assault – 90% perpetrated by men
- Women are taught to evade, men aren’t taught
- Eric and Patrick are to blame (cultural concepts and ideas) that need to be held accountable to their actions

Systems of value:
American Psycho – social capital & networking
- Detective Kimball – tries to convey that he is an equal, Bateman slips but yet Kimball covers for him because he would benefit (social climber)
- Rather than fulfilling business potential, jus trying to get ahead

Cosmopolis – information & info control/understanding and interpreting info
- Women’s role =
- Elise – wife, old money, and poet – knows nothing about info distant until nude
- Jane – jogging, technical expert, smarter than him but less able to do his strange task, Eric objectifies her (she has more info, but in asymmetrical relationship)
- Didi – knew about paintings & art, beauty vs. calculation
- Kendra – Has her do something and then sends her off & doesn’t care if she gets fired or whatever
- Analyst – always talking about time in grand scale, can see big picture stuff better than him,

  • Eric always has upper hand through exercise of power, but women are either equal or above him…
  • Patrick kills people who are inferior; he levels more with people who are more intelligent/like him… manipulates people and finds pleasure in taking advantage
    • “Snakes in suits” theory
    • Our economic system rewards people that do things that most won’t do

*Do you treat people differently when they become just a number?