READING ON CARMEN – Pages 15-22 & 23-27.

3:00 Class - Julia

Background on Federici
- Show Interview with Selma James on "unwaged work"
Go Over Reading
- Connect to Dove commercial

  • Doing a public speaking in 2012:
  • Born 1942 in Italy
  • Came to US to get a PhD in philosophy in 1967
  • Co-founder of the International Feminist Collective
  • Member of Midnight Notes Collective
  • Co-founded Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa (CAFA)
Committee via
  • Co-founded the Radical Philosophy Association anti-death penalty project
  • Involved in the Wages for Housework campaign
Founded by Selma James
Anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist
Coined “unwaged” to depict caring work women do
~41min in start of interview
46:15 – 51:40 “unwaged work”:

Dove Body Commercial – sexuality is work - Women not comfortable in bodies. (show 5min – end)
But Note: this is women describing other women, not men describing women as stated in the reading

Laura Rickrich – Live Blog 3/17/14

In 1975 most men didn’t have more than a high school education

Men’s expectations for women:
-Sex appeal of society
-Housework + enticing and satisfying their man as a duty

Marital rape – by spouse, expected to “perform” for husbands, women feel that it is their duty and the man was entitled to have his way with his wife

Greek “Oikos” – woman was in charge of the household and of the economics of the household -

While man at work is often subservient to boss, the man is the boss of the house – the more the man is bossed around at work, the more the man wants to boss around the wife

Wages Against Housework – Social Movement now expanded worldwide

Manipulation in the home compared to capitalism
Impression of a “fair deal”
Do the work not because you want to, but because it is the only condition

P. 16
Workers with wage can bargain and negotiate, where women cannot

Potentially women could set the terms of when they are expected to housework, or eventually refuse to do it all together