Chapter 1

3:00pm - Skye and Bonnie

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__ (review/overview of story)

Bailey Welch
Live Blogging – April 16

  • Eric is now able to interact with his employees whereas he wasn’t able to before in the novel
    • o He’s a different person
    • o He’s trying to actually get to know others and exploring his relationships
    • Ibrahim
      • o A different type of employee
        • § Laidback, casual
        • § He doesn’t restrain Eric like his bodyguards, etc.
        • Anthony’s
          • o Nothing has changed and Eric enjoys it whereas before he thought everything (words: computer, etc.) was already “outdated”
          • o He’s safe there because he’s away from all of his high-tech stuff and is able to revert to childishness (his past)
          • o Shows why he has to get to this particular barbershop instead of any of the other ones he passed on his way crosstown
            • § Had very little to do with getting a haircut
            • § More to do with feeling safe and reliving his childhood, in a sense
  • o Only place Eric is able to sleep – insomniac everywhere else
  • Eric is much more calm
    • o Not overanalyzing, not overthinking, not paying attention to tiny details
    • o More content
    • o P. 161 – “He was afraid the night was over…”
      • § He hasn’t had consequence for killing Torvald
      • Barbershop scene
        • o Intimate connection with past that he can’t get anywhere else because he’s focused on the future
        • o Experiments with intimate moment with people from his past, but doesn’t work anymore. Needs to shock himself back into connection with the world; he’s too numb. Even threat hasn’t been materialized.
        • Movie scene
          • o Sex with Elise – finally knows and loves her
          • o Realizes he’s strong, but also human, vulnerable, etc.
          • o Moment of utopia – positive
            • § He’s finally part of something bigger than himself
            • § He’s part of these people
            • § Picture of better world from author
  • o Significance of nudity
    • § Equality – everyone’s the same and cannot be judged by clothing
    • § Nowhere to hide – true nature is revealed
      • Eric is just a normal person
      • Can’t hide behind clothes, money, etc.
      • § Prison Scandal – brutalized, forced to do things to one another, etc. by U.S. Prison Guards
        • Dehumanizes
        • Shameful
        • Forced
      • § Intimate setting = freedom
      • § LIBERATION
      • § UNIQUE
        • Everyone looks so different when naked – skin color, missing limbs, etc.
        • Mass produced clothes, but never bodies
        • Our differences are what makes us all equal
          • o Inability to judge each other
          • Eric v. Richard (aka Benno Levin)
            • o Effects of currencies that each were analyzing throughout work??
            • o End of American Psycho v. end of Cosmopolis
              • § Each character saying the same thing in the end?
              • Fight Club v. Cosmopolis
                • o Cosmopolis – a rewrite of Fight Club?
                  • § Business man and agent of chaos
                  • § Eric shoots himself in hand
                  • § Benno needs to get rid of Eric
                  • § Staged in abandoned house
                  • § Insomnia
  • o Fight Club
    • § Business man and agent of chaos
    • § Narrator shoots himself
    • § Narrator needs to get rid of Tyler
    • § Staged in abandoned house
    • § Insomnia
    • § Characters connected through sleep

3 Themes of Class:
Social relations

Chapter 2

Laura Rickrich – Live Blog 3.7.14


  • Works with Internet
  • Moves from frame to frame, rather than from slide to slide
  • Pans, zooms in and out, spins, can focus in on certain data, etc.
  • Move about multiple scales to give perspectives
  • Can add images and videos
  • There are interactive tutorials on the Prezi website
  • Strategies/Elements:
    • Space
    • Line
    • Shape
    • Color

Prezi vs. Power Point:

Prezi Resources:
Opening Examples


Social Example

Cosmopolis – Part 2
P.63 Eric looking at worldly possessions as obsolete
P.66 People overt eye contact, but apologize if running into people
  • “Create their own privacy by minding their own business” – have sense of privacy (by not looking at others) within a crowd
  • Is it a characteristic of a large city?
    • In a small town – people talk to one another, know each other, can pick out someone that doesn’t belong
    • In a city we have a sense of privacy in public (i.e. eating at a restaurant)
    • When Eric runs into his wife at the bookstore and they discuss sex, they discuss it more like a business deal than an intimate thing
    • The way Eric reads his wife is very similar to the way that he reads his wife
    • Their marriage seems like a contract
    • The way their marriage is described seems to be a parallel to Federici’s Sex Is Work
    • Sociologist – conspicuous consumption – not the use value, but the appearance that comes with it
      • o Eric seems to engage in this (house, attempt at blocking out noise, etc.)
      • At what point does conspicuous consumption become necessary to maintain social status?
        • o Flips the social script – we no long criticize the individual, but rather the social structure
        • o Debt society & keeping up appearances
P.77 Eric’s attitude towards money
  • $104million – he paid for that figure
  • Cyber capital – time is now a corporate asset, $ makes time
  • Want to use more time for work (vs. Crary’s 24/7)
P. 92 Comparative process – idea (destruction)
  • Hallmark of capitalist thought
  • Destroying in order to create, but different aims

End of the section: “Now I can being the business of living”
  • Would Eric even know how to live outside of business?

Queen of Versailles:

Chapter 3
Laura Rickrich – Live Blog 4/11/14

Cosmopolis – Chapter 3
Summary of Events Cosmopolis: Chapter 3

-Eric sleeps with Kendra Hayes (body guard)
-He asks her to shock him with a taser

-Eric sees Elise smoking on the street upon leaving the hotel
They go to eat she asks him where he was “He was enjoying this. It put her at a disadvantage, playing petty interrogator, and made him feel boyishly inventive and rebellious.” (DeLillo 118)
-Eric and Elise break up “Tell me what you need. I promise I’ll help. But as a couple, as a marriage, I think we’re done, aren’t we? You speak of being free. This is your lucky day.” (DeLillo 122)
-Eric finds out her what kind of money she has and ends up stealing it

-Eric and Danko go to a theater that’s a rave/techno club, Eric ends up leaving Danko there

-Eric travels a little way upon coming to a road block, it is brotha Fezs’ funeral (died of cardiac problems)
-Very elaborate funeral service (squad of motorcycles, two private security vans, ten flower cars, break-dancers, The Mayor, Police Commissioner, dozen members of Congress, news choppers…)

-After funeral, Eric gets a pie thrown in his face by Andre Petrescu
-Andre pies famous people “I dropped from a tree on Michael Jordan.” (DeLillo 143)

-Eric pulls up to a park by a basketball going on and shoots his body guard Torval with Torval’s gun
-He felt exposed after Torval failed to protect him from the pieing.

-Confessions of Benno Levin (Morning)
-Since this confession is titled morning and the previous confession titled night we assume it is earlier in his journal since he doesn’t mention the man he had killed.
-Give background on his life, he had a wife and child, and describes his job and habits he used to do “I watched the live video feed from his website all the time.” (DeLillo 151)

- Eric and Elise have lunch and he tells her about how is really feeling (p. 120-122)
  • Being broke - he feels free
  • Eric really wants to get to know Elise
  • Eric hacks in and takes her $ and makes her go bankrupt

- Everything is crashing, he (Eric) wants it all to go down
- Eric morphing into a different version of Tyler Durden?
- Eric has an inability to truly connect with anyone
- Eric does want to know people, but the way he knows people is to impersonate them financially
- Eric is actually saddened by Fez’s death
  • Different reactions to the other two deaths earlier in the novel
  • Russian – deep respect, but looks at him as more of a rival
  • IRF Chairman – looks at him as almost an enemy
  • Fez – appreciates music/art, have nothing in common
  • Elaborate, Afro-centric funeral procession – so disconnected for him and his reality
- Eric seems to feel most connected to the world when he gets these “doses” of what the world is really like (i.e. the rats being thrown, head out the window during the riot, the funeral procession)
- Eric’s life is so routine and predictable, so he needs these unexpected moments to feel alive

- Eric talking to his wife about her smoking
  • She says it’s one of those things a girl takes up
  • Virginia Slims – empowering women
- Eric always thinks about having sex when he sees women

Eric vs. Patrick Bateman:
- Patrick commits violence (only one in the storyline committing violence)
- In Cosmopolis it seems everyone has potential for violence
- Patrick Bateman thinks he has nothing in common with people, kills them
- Eric is almost fascinated/amused by people that do not have anything in common with them
- Patrick is really excessive, always on the verge of having a public outburst, cannot control himself, connects with everything in the most intense ways possible (sadist)
- Eric is overly calm, withdrawn to the point of being numb, unable to connect with others, feels so disconnected with the world that he engages in dangerous/risky activity (masochist)
- Both have very luxurious apartments
- Same personality types in different circumstances?

Why does Eric kill Torval?
Eric’s ability to be one step ahead, seeing future/reading patterns. Torval withholds info from Eric and Eric wants to be on the top. Gets fed up.

Don DeLillo Cosmopollis Part 2 Chapter 3

How is Eric’s attitude towards his peers different in this part of the novel?

-more meaningful and emotional interactions

-deeper emotional connections

-connecting with women through sex

-concern for dead rapper

Compare and contrast Eric’s reaction to the death of the rapper vs the death of his other contemporaries.

-does he actually feel sympathy? If so, why for this man specifically?

-Significance of rap song?

-Why is Fez’s funeral so emotionally striking to Eric?

Compare Contrast

-Eric before and after

-Eric and Patrick Bateman

-Patrick expresses himself through killing and hurting others. How does Eric express himself?

Chapter 4

Don DeLillo Cosmopollis Part 2 Chapter 4
Why is Eric now able to look his at his employees and talk to them ?

For most of the book, Eric is focused on the future (his job his word use, his things, etc) yet when he comes to Anthony’s to get his haircut, he relishes that the barbershop is unchanged, and that Anthony is addressing him in the same way he always does. Why is Eric suddenly so drawn to his past?

Why is Eric so fascinated by his driver’s eye injury?
How is Eric finally able to sleep when he gets to the barbershop?
What is the force driving Eric to suddenly leave the barbershop mid haircut?
Do you think Eric went to this place for a reason beyond a haircut?
Why is Eric so at ease when talking to Ibrahim?
When does Eric have the most meaningful of interactions with others?
Why is Eric finally able to have sex with his wife?
“But where? Where does it go?” ”he could not remember where it went”
“Power works best when theres no memory attached.”
-revisiting the past
-Richard’s power over Eric (Richard cannot think beyond his past of working for Eric)
Compare and contrast the effects their respective currencies have had on them (Yen/Eric, Baht/Richard)
-tone of this chapter vs rest of book