"Urban sociologist So-and-So argues that the city is place of interconnectedness. In contrast, it is my contention that the city is a place of alienation, and disconnection. To make my argument, I use LOF's Savage Messiah and SC's Lost in Translation to show experiences of the city that emphasize a fragmented sense of community and the regularity of missed connections."

"Recent social movements have focused on "re-localization," a process whereby people use elected affinities to deliberately create small, tighly-knit communities based on shared values. What these movements miss are the forms of human expression born out of alienation, disconnection, and being lost. In particular, the harsh beauty of the city found in punk pugilism and existential aimless as depicted in LOF's Savage Messiah and SC's Lost in Translation are valuable dimensions of human experience that cannot be found in localism."